In JavaScript and J4, to get an editor object from the collection of objects with all editor instances running I use:

let editor = Joomla.editors.instances[myEditorName];

I can see Joomla object in my console with all properties, editors.instances included.

Now in J5 it's deprecated and editors.instances is empty. I have read some information about the reasons to replace this code with JoomlaEditor, but this does not appear in my console. Please, how can I access to the editors instances or editors objects in JavaScript / Joomla 5?

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The Editor API is now an ESM, so you will need to import it in your Javascript file.

import { JoomlaEditor } from 'editor-api';

const editor = JoomlaEditor.get(id); // Replace "id" with ID of your editor element

You'll also need to ensure that your own Javascript file is set to be included as a module:

    "name": "foobar",
    "type": "script",
    "uri": "your_file.js",
    "attributes": {
        "type": "module"

@Lodder, thanks but maybe I have doing something wrong because browser console shows:

EDITOR:  false

This is my reduced configuration:

//** /media/com_abaco/js/editor.js

import { JoomlaEditor } from 'editor-api';
const editor = JoomlaEditor.get('myEditorId'); 
console.log('EDITOR: ', editor); 

//** /media/com_abaco/joomla.asset.json
    "assets": [
        "name": "com_abaco.editor",
        "type": "script",
        "uri": "com_abaco/editor.js",
        "dependencies": [
        "attributes": {
            "type": "module",
            "defer": true

//** /components/com_abaco/src/View/Editor/HtmlView.php
$this->editor = Editor::getInstance('codemirror');
$wa = $this->document->getWebAssetManager();

//** /components/com_abaco/tmpl/editor/default.php

<?= $this->editor->display('myEditorId', 'My custom content', '100%', '900', '300', '3', false, 'myEditorId', null, null, array()); ?>

Codemirror editor is showing as expected but I can't access it in JavaScript. My file editor.js is loaded before editors.js, joomla-editor-codemirror.js and codemirror.js. I don't know if this it's important.

  • A delay after Import to load editor-api and it works. I can't understand why not use Web Assets Manager to load editor-api and in other file create the editor object as dependency.
    – Peli
    Commented Nov 8, 2023 at 6:44

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