I have successfully developed a Joomla 4 API which receives JSON data containing HTML to update the database. - The HTML markup is stripped away when using this code:

$input = $this->input->json->get('data', null, 'json');
$data = json_decode(json_encode($input), false);

How can I make sure the HTML markup stays intact?

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There is no json filter which causes default filter to be applied, stripping away HTML. Use a different filter. This answer shows some examples. Using array filter should work:

$input = $this->input->json->get('data', [], 'array');

Specifically for JSON there is Joomla\Input\Json::getRaw() method which returns the raw JSON string:

$input = $this->input->json->getRaw();
$data = json_decode($input, false);

But be aware it doesn't take manipulations done on the input object into account, data may be outdated.

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    Thanks for the hint with the array. I cast it into an object $data = (object) $input; to get the expected result. Awesome!
    – cappu
    Oct 12, 2023 at 8:28

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