In my Joomla! 4.2+ component, i have something with send mail when an user submit a from, the issue is that the sending mail process is very slow. My component fetch the mail settings from the Joomla! configuration panel. This is the code, i don't see what this code hang the process of controller when submit the form :

abstract class MycomponentEmail
public static function send($mail, array $receivers)
    if (isset(static::$mailer_error_status)) {
        // Mailer is broken, so prevent any sending
        Log::add(static::$mailer_error_status->getMessage(), Log::ERROR, 'mycomponent');

        return false;
    $chunks = array_chunk($receivers, $emailRecipientCount);

    $success = true;

    foreach ($chunks as $emails) {
       if ($emailRecipientCount == 1 || $emailRecipientPrivacy == 'to') {
       } elseif ($emailRecipientPrivacy == 'cc') {
       } else {

       try {
       } catch (Exception $e) {
          $success = false;
          Log::add($e->getMessage(), Log::ERROR, 'mycomponent');

   return $success;


The controller call that :

public function sendNotification($url = null, $approved = false)
    // Create email.
        $mail = Factory::getMailer();
        $mail->setSender([$config->getEmail(), $mailnamesender]);

        // Send email to all subscribers.
        if (!empty($receivers[1])) {
            $this->attachEmailBody($mail, 1, $subject, $url, $once);
            MycomponentEmail::send($mail, $receivers[1]);


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