What is exactly the difference between:

$model = \JModelLegacy::getInstance('Objects', 'MyModel');


$model = BaseDatabaseModel::getInstance('Objects', 'MyModel');

Is there some performance differences? Is one of them getting removed earlier in Joomla 5? The communcation and documentation around the Joomla Framework is bad.

I cannot do this yet so please dont suggest:

$model = $component->getMVCFactory()->createModel($modelName, $this->app->getName(), ['ignore_request' => true]);

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JModelLegacy is now just an alias of BaseDatabaseModel to support older references to JModelLegacy therefore there is no difference at all between either statement.

JLoader::registerAlias('JModelLegacy', '\\Joomla\\CMS\\MVC\\Model\\BaseDatabaseModel', '6.0');

The createModel() function in the LegacyFactory class, not the createModel() method you have shown above from MVCFactory, also uses BaseDatabaseModel::getInstance

  • OK. And will one of them dissapear in Joomla 5 first or will they both be kept for supporting deprecated stuff?
    – maidan
    Aug 16 at 8:31
  • JModelLegacy will be removed in 5. It has been depreciated for some time already.
    – Irata
    Aug 16 at 10:24

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