I am busy with a project to convert an Joomla 3 template to Joomla 4. The Jinput is not giving me RAW data it is removing the script tags from my inputs. I worked through a couple of similar problems on the web still could not get it right.

The XML for the field is

<field name="fieldname" type="editor" default="&lt;script&gt; &lt;/script&gt;" label="Add code to the top &lt; head &gt;" description="" rows="10" cols="5" filter="raw" editor="codemirror|none"/>

The input code is

$app    = JFactory::getApplication();
$input  = $app->input;
$post   = $input->post->getArray();

I am getting the values in the following foreach loop

foreach (array_keys($post['jform']['params']) as $param) {
  $value = $post['jform']['params'][$param];

Thanks in advance

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You need to specify the filter because otherwise default filter is applied. There are several ways to do it. First one is to pass the third argument to getArray():

$post = $input->post->getArray([], null, 'RAW');

This isn't recommended because Joomla\CMS\Input\Input is deprecated and getArray() method in replacement Joomla\Input\Input class does not have a third argument.

Another way is to specify data/filter pairs:

$post = $input->post->getArray(['jform' => 'ARRAY', 'task' => 'CMD']);

This method also allows defining nested fields/filters within data arrays:

$post = $input->post->getArray(['jform' => ['title' => 'STRING', 'articletext' => 'RAW']]);

If you need just a single top level data array like jform, simplest way is to use get() method instead:

$post = $input->post->get('jform', [], 'ARRAY');

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