I have a need to create a news section but which is password protected via login form. What I can't find is the ability to show a small summary of the article and then show the login/registration form right below. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed?

I use Joomla 4 and if it can be useful Yootheme

Thanks to all

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I presume you're wanting to show the summaries, even though the website visitor isn't logged on. But when they click on a link to the article associated with a summary then they don't see it if they haven't logged on.

If that's what you're looking to do then you could create a Content custom field (eg of type editor field), and use that to hold the summary associated with each article.

Then you could write a module which queried the database and output the summaries together with links to the associated articles. You'd have to do the query yourself, joining across the content, fields and fields_values tables, but that's straightforward.

I'm not sure how comfortable you are with creating joomla modules, but if you search online for "joomla module development" you'll find good tutorials, including at https://docs.joomla.org/Selecting_data_using_JDatabase a sample module which queries the database. A Joomla 3 module should work ok under Joomla 4. And you can always post a comment or raise another question on this forum if you get stuck.

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