My component is using Joomla Categories and I'm using the following code to fetch a category:

$component = Joomla\CMS\Factory::getApplication()->bootComponent('com_khub');
$category = $component->getCategory(['published' => 0])->get($catid);

Joomla is complaining that class Khub\Component\Khub\Site\Service\Category does not exists (at JROOT/libraries/src/Categories/CategoryFactory.php:65).

Of course this works OK with "com_content" and "com_banners" and I've tried to understand where and how those components register Joomla\Component\Content\Site\Service\Category and Joomla\Component\Banners\Site\Service\Category respectively, but with no success (JPATH_COMPONENT/services/provider.php contents are pretty much similar to what I have for my own component),

What am I missing?

Many thanks.

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Silly me. I was looking at the /services/provider.php file on the administrator part.

This problem was on the site part.

I simply copied "Category.php" from JROOT/components/com_content/src/Service and made the necessary adjustments.

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