In Joomla 4.3.1, I've made an override of the com_content/archive/default_items.php Now I want to strip tags and display the string (text from article) as one line <p> only. Without any formatting. No <strong>, <em>, <br>, <h3> etc.

This is the code where I somewhere want to add the string function "strip_tags":

<?php if ($params->get('show_intro')) : ?>
    <div class="intro" itemprop="articleBody">
        <?php echo HTMLHelper::_('string.truncateComplex', $item->introtext, $params->get('introtext_limit')); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

It goes without saying I'm a PHP-beginner, and I've researched the PHP- and Joomla-forums. Googling the "truncateComplex" does not really give anything. And all my attemps just break my site.

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  1. One way:

    $stripIntro = strip_tags( value, $item->introtext ); 


    HTMLHelper::_('string.truncateComplex',$stripIntro, $params->get('introtext_limit'); ?>
  2. Or another way:

    $stripIntro = HTMLHelper::_('string.truncateComplex',$item->introtext, $params->get('introtext_limit'); ?>

    then strip tags

    echo strip_tags(value, $stripIntro);

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