In J4, I have a menu item (in main menu) loading a single article and I've added a unique class via the menu Page Display >> Page Class. It has an alias of "commercial" and when used from the front end the URL is /commercial.

I have created another menu with a menu item that is an alias item pointing to the above menu item. The alias on this menu item is "commercial-info".

However, when visiting the link on the front-end, the page class is not used and the URL is /?itemid=223 (the id number of the alias menu item (not the one it points to).

Also, the <body> gets a class added no-layout no-task dir-ltr itemid-233 (as well as a number of other miscellaneous classes added).


The custom module that is creating the links is building the links using this code:

$menuItemURL = Route::_("index.php?Itemid={$menuItem->id}");

So the question is, how can I get the REAL URL using Route::_ when the menu is an alias? (The above Route::_ works fine for all other menu types other than alias).

  • I have come up with code to manually lookup the menu that the alias is pointing to and build the appropriate link/url; however, I'm wondering if there is any way to do that using just the Route:: function. I've not found any of help in the Joomla docs on this. May 2, 2023 at 20:52

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It's in the menuitem params, as 'aliasoptions'. This holds the itemid of the menuitem which the alias menuitem points to. So if you have your alias menuitem as $menuItem then do

$itemid = $menuItem->getParams()->get('aliasoptions');
$url = Route::_("index.php?Itemid={$itemid}");

I'm pretty sure this isn't in the joomla docs, I just found it by inspecting the menuitem object in a debugger. It should really be documented in the Menu and Menuitems API Guide but the number of such param values that you'd need to list is rather offputting.

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