I am having a problem with my site at https://www.shalomadventure.com where the Smart Search is not respecting the Boolean login. If I wrap two words within parentheses and do a search we are getting results that are not an exact match of the two words. What is not working is the following:

Entering "this and that" (with quotes) into the search form will return results containing the exact phrase this and that.

At the search page, I am entering the term "Ten Commandments" and am expecting to ONLY receive results that have that exact phrase, but instead I am also getting results that contain partial results.

For example one of the results had the lone word Commandments without the word Ten.

Another of the result has the word Listen with the highlight on the letters ten.

Is there anything that be done to fix this?

PS. I submitted this a few days ago at forum.joomla.org and it is gettng viewed a lot, but nobody is responding: https://forum.joomla.org/viewtopic.php?f=808&t=1000516


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