I have created a new view in my MariaDB database using phpMyAdmin combining the #_content and #content_frontpage tables called #__content_with_featured.

I am now attempting to add a new column to this view. Ultimately, it will contain calculated data based on other values from columns in the view, but at this stage I can't even add the column. I get an error referencing the second line:

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near ADD #_content_with_featured.f_current' at line 2

I have tried it with and without the view name. This is my SQL with the full new column name:

  1. ALTER VIEW #_content_with_featured AS

  2. ADD #_content_with_featured.f_current

What am I missing or doing wrong, please?

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I solved it by using CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW rather than ALTER VIEW, like this:

#_content_with_featured_two AS 
SELECT #_content.id AS f_id,
           WHEN #_content.featured = '0' THEN 'No'
           WHEN #_content.featured = '1' THEN 'Yes'
       END AS f_current
FROM #_content
LEFT JOIN #_content_frontpage ON #_content.id = #_content_frontpage.content_id

Note: the actual CASE query isn't what I'm trying to achieve, that's there for demo purposes only.

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