I changed

<field name="n_date" default="0000-00-00" class="inputbox" format="%Y-%m-%d" translateformat="false" showtime="false" singleheader="false" todaybutton="false" weeknumbers="false" filltable="false" type="calendar" label="Date" description="COM_LATESTNEWS_FORM_DESC_DETAIL_N_DATE" hint="COM_LATESTNEWS_FORM_LBL_DETAIL_N_DATE"/>


<field name="n_date" default="" type="calendar" class="inputbox" filter="safehtml" label="COM_LATESTNEWS_FORM_LBL_DETAIL_N_DATE" description="COM_LATESTNEWS_FORM_DESC_DETAIL_N_DATE" hint="COM_LATESTNEWS_FORM_LBL_DETAIL_N_DATE" required="true"/>

Reason of changing - date was incorrect showing in previous version of jan 2022 Now after changing whats happening is that n_date field coming as blank and has to manually select today date on clicking.

Is there a way by which default date should be picked and showed as today date when not selected by default

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To show the current date or timedate as the default, you can simply use default="now".

Note, that you will also need to set translateformat="true"

You can read more about the Joomla Calendar Field here

  • Thanks, what if translateformat is not added. any harm ?
    – Ruchika
    Dec 22, 2022 at 7:12
  • I got PHP error, which is probably because the format of the default date needs to be able to be read within the actual calendar.
    – Lodder
    Dec 22, 2022 at 7:38

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