Im trying to prefill my subform with datarows from the database.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<form addfieldprefix="Mydestiny\Component\Mydestiny\Site\Field">
        <field name="id" type="text" readonly="true" class="readonly" default="0" description="JGLOBAL_FIELD_ID_DESC"/>

    <field name="contacts" type="subform"
               labelclass="control-label" multiple="true" buttons=" "
               layout="joomla.form.field.subform.repeatable-table" class="uk-table uk-table-middle"


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
           <field name="account" type="radio" default="0" label="" description="" class="btn-group btn-group-yesno">
              <option value="1">ja</option>
            <option value="0">Nee</option>


I tried this:

$form       = Form::getInstance('com_mydestiny.newcustomerform', 'contacts', array('control' => 'jform'));
$input      = Factory::getApplication()->input;
$formValues = $input->getArray(array(
    'jform' => array(
        'contacts' => 'array'

$prefillData = array("contacts" => array("account" => 1));

But that doesn't do anything.
Can anyone help me?

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You need to put the subform data one array deeper. This is because your subform has multiple attribute which means the data should be represented by multiple rows:

$prefillData = array("contacts" => array(array("account" => 1)));

This should work fine for your case. When reading existing data, be aware that the array keys are built using subform field name suffixed with a numeric index suffix, so the data is stored like this:

    "contacts" => array(
        'contacts0' => array("account" => 1),
        'contacts1' => array("account" => 1),
        // More rows

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