I've read this: https://magazine.joomla.org/all-issues/january-2021/using-native-lazyloading-on-your-website, so it's clear to me that media images inserted in articles content will be lazy-loaded by default.

What about the Intro and Full Article images on the "Images and links Tab"? Are they also lazy-loaded by default? Is there any tweak I must use on overriding content templates?

Many thanks!

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Yes, both images are lazy loaded by default. These images are rendered using layouts/joomla/content/intro_image.php and layouts/joomla/content/full_image.php layouts which in turn use the layouts/joomla/html/image.php layout which is where the loading attribute is added and the img tag is rendered. If the loading attribute does not appear it could be that your template has a layout override that prevents these layouts from being used.

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