I like to unset my search filter that is saved in the user state.
I have a search input with id filter_search
This is the code to save the filter.

$context = $this->getUserStateFromRequest($this->context . '.filter.search', 'filter_search');
$this->setState('filter.search', $context);

Now In another function I would like to unset this filter_search state.
How Do I do this?

I already tried this:

$session = Factory::getSession();
$session->clear('.filter.search', 'filter_search');


$this->setState('filter.search', "");

But my input field stays filled.

This is my filter_customers.xml

<fields name="filter">
        <field name="search" type="text" hint="COM_MYDESTINY_SEARCH_FILTER_SUBMIT" label="COM_USERS_FILTER_SEARCH_DESC" class="js-stools-search-string uk-search-input"/>

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The solution I found was

$app->setUserState($this->context . '.filter.search', "");

The context can be changed so you can also change filters from different models

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