I am trying to upgrade my development server from 3.10.11 (which works fine) to 4.x in preparation for Joomla 3.x going out of support in August 23.

When I do run the live update, I get an alert box in my browser saying that the server was unable to write the file:


This is the first file in alphabetical order that doesn't exist on the server. So I assume that in some way the apache user (the user that my web server runs as) isn't able to create either a new file or a new directory in that folder.

The owner:group of the folder /var/www/html is apache:apache and I have tried setting permissions to 775, but I still get the same message.

Normally as I am running fedora I would expect selinux to be the culprit of this kind of error but running setenforce 0 doesn't help.

I am fairly sure this isn't a Joomla issue so much as that I have misconfigured my server somehow. That said I can't work out at all what the issue is.

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The issue turned out to be the extension RSFirewall for Joomla By RSJoomla.

To solve the issue I added an 'exception'.

I specified that the component named 'Joomla! Update' could bypass all aspects of the firewall.

After that I was able to use the live update.

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