We sell our products through a marketplace "Skroutz". We use j2store cart solution. Skroutz asks us to add to "thank you" page some scripts: https://developer.skroutz.gr/analytics/ ... merce-data

I have found an extension (sourcerer) to add script into article and also instructions on how to add the article to the "Thank you" page. My issue is that I don't know what are the fields of j2store that correspond to order_id revenue shipping tax paid_by paid_by_descr

Any idea how this can be performed?

Thank you in advance

  • Can you please edit your question to show what attempts you made? If you are not able to attempt a solution, you may need to actually hire a developer. This community endeavours to help you to solve your problem; not do your development for you.
    – mickmackusa
    Jul 30 at 0:19


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