On Joomla! 4.1.3 i have set the mail settings the first time i have tried with gmail SMTP and the second time with office365 smtp in both case i'am not able to send mail.

When i hit the button "Send test mail" no messages appear and no mails is send, if i hit close button i have this error appear when i'am redirected : An error occured while fetching the JSON data: HTTP 0 status code

I have enabled debug in Joomla! configuration panel and the error reporting is set to maximum

How to know what is going on ?

The server behind it's on debian 11 : php7.4.28, apache2

  • Are there any related messages in the log files? Check /administrator/logos/ for the general log or a specific log for config or emails if they have been created.
    – Irata
    May 16, 2022 at 3:47
  • I have the following files under /administrator/logs/ but nothing related : 1.error.php last edit jan 5, 1.jcontroller.log.php last edit jan 7, 1.joomla_update.php last edit jan 4 and joomla_update.php last edit on may 15 May 21, 2022 at 14:54
  • I have the same problem with the google workspace account on the Inmotion server. As far as I reached with my search the JSON file could be repaired through PHPmyadmin, on different tables. The challenge now is to find which table needs to be fixed. May 25 at 16:36


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