i see front page without component, → 404 error not shows but i have its in my template.. error.php: error->getCode(); ?> - title; ?>

i found very much articles, whats is maybe litespeed not support htacess rules, but they can read htaccess full rules, maybe.

tested all server configs, 404 page worked if no .htaccess in litespeed, buts site and virtuemart SEF links dead. pludin 404 errors by virtuemart not worked too. pls help !!!

when get php fatal error see page i think its component likely 404 page error.php but understand why 404 error.php not worked

centos 7, litespeed, php 7.4.28 i see HTTP 200 OK anymore

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  • server returns 200 OK not 404 status why ? joomla+litespeed 2 days ago
  • Please do not add question details as comments. To make your question clear, you may edit your question as many times as you need.
    – mickmackusa
    2 days ago


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