Administrator area.
When user login, I need to preselect categories, articles and modules based on the user's main group.
Group EN
Group ES
Group IT
For each group you have specific "language" to use for all content, this has nothing to do with the user's languages preferences.
I'm talking about when you enter the "categories list" and filter the content, there you can filter all content based on their language, EN, ES or IT, so before the user select the filter I want to preselect that filter soon as the user enters the dashboard, so when the user goes to the article list or category or modules I need to set the filter for them, say a user from group EN logs in then goes to categories the list should show only categories from English language.
I don't want to change the filter's functionality just a preselection, just one step less for the content administrator.
I have no idea where to change or add this functionality, I know what to code just don't know where to put it...
Thank you!



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