Front end and also Admin does not log in, and it does not error. It just seems to refresh. I'm using Joomla 3.x

  • I have tried overwriting all of the core files via FTP
  • plg_user_joomla is enabled (checked via PHPMyAdmin)
  • I have changed my PHP version from 7.3 to 7.2 and 7.1
  • Nothing is set for the cookie domain in configuration.php
  • error reporting is set to maximum
  • I have changed the password to check that is correct but it is not saying incorrect password
  • If I put an incorrect password, it does not tell me that error message
  • I have disabled Admin Tools
  • I have disabled Litespeed Cache
  • I have checked plg_authentication_joomla and it is enabled
  • I have renamed .htaccess from htaccess.txt to .htaccess
  • I have replaced the Admin Tools .htaccess with the default Joomla .htaccess
  • I have enabled error reporting to "Maximum" via FTP AND I have checked that the value held and is correct
  • I have enabled Joomla debug
  • I have manually deleted the cache folders from /cache and administrator/cache
  • I have checked the "cookie domain" is empty in configuration.php
  • I have checked the "live site" value is empty in configuration.php
  • I have checked the site is https for the entire site
  • I have checked there is no conflict with www and non-www or any redirect loop
  • I have repaired the table in PHPMyAdmin
  • I have optimized (sic) the table in PHPMyAdmin
  • The last thing I remember doing that could cause this was installing a plugin email as user name. I have renamed this folder "--email-as-username"
  • Checked for JavaScript errors in the console on the login page
  • Changed logs and administrator/logs to 777 file permissions
  • Set all folders to 755 file permissions (save for logs)
  • Set files to 644 file permissions (except for config which is 755)

The login has been working the entire time. It is due to be released and suddenly there is a problem.

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I was using 2 databases one for dev and one for live. My checks were all on the wrong database and it was in fact the Joomla authentication plugin that was disabled!

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