I'm just started to learn using Joomla and one of the things that I need to do is to build a form that can insert data and that data can be displayed to another Joomla page.

I got a few comments from a Facebook user who said that most Joomlers are using an extension to insert data. If I'm using an extension, how can I display the data that has been saved to other tables in my webpage?

Also, if I don't want to use an extension, how can I build a form on my own?

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To build something without the use of extensions, you'll need to develop a component.

You could build a your own component with a form that saves input into the database, and a part that displays it on the website. For that I'd advice to look at Joomla's core components, how they are build and work.

I would use a good IDE (like PHPStorm, Visual Studio, Netbeans) in combination with Xdebug that enables you to step through Joomla's code to see what's happening and the contents of all variables.

Furthermore there's some documentation for developers available. See the For Developers part, and under "Appendices" the Joomla 4.x Extensions - Simple working examples explained at https://docs.joomla.org/JDOC:Joomla_4_Tutorials_Project

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