There is a text from the additional field inside the material. I want to implement the ability to change this text through the frontend with the ability to save it there (when authorized by the admin).

In fact, you need to make a form that will send data to the backend. Determine the ID of the post, the name of the additional field whose contents are being edited and implement sending via submit forms.

Can you tell me which Joomla functions to watch for this? Thanks!

P.S. WordPress has update_field() function for this. Is there anything similar in Joomla?

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    I fear this question hasn't been narrowed enough; it feels like more of an assignment/task than a question. There may be volunteers here that are willing to craft a tutorial, but to make your question more attractive to more contributors, I recommend that you show how far you've gotten on your own and ask for help with smaller pieces. (I could be wrong.)
    – mickmackusa
    Mar 29 at 12:07


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