When I use Route method to convert a normal url in a SEF url it doesn't work if the article is not a menu item. I don't understand if it's a normal behavior or if I'm doing something wrong. There is my example:

My $item->link is "index.php/eng/?view=article&id=29:article-name-1&catid=17".

  • If I use Route::_($item->link) I obtain an identical url.
  • If I use Route::_(RouteHelper::getArticleRoute($item->slug, $item->catid, $item->language), I obtain the same.

They always return "index.php/eng/?view=article&id=29:article-name-1&catid=17" ...but that's not a SEF url.

How can I obtain a SEF url even if the article is not connected to a menu item?

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Route::_() expects a non-SEF URL as an input.

index.php/eng/?view=article&id=29:article-name-1&catid=17 is already an SEF URL, which is why Route::_() is not modifying it.

A non-SEF URL would be something like:


  • I would prefer a conversion like this: index.php/eng/article/article-name-1 This already happen if an article is connected to a menu item, because the url is changed with something like "/menu-item/article-name-1"
    – Nintendomi
    Feb 18, 2022 at 10:27
  • @Nintendomi I don't think you can have a SEF such as the one you want without a direct link to the article. The Joomla Router requires that. As for what you get, it also depends on the other menu items on the site, such as maybe having a link to that particular category for instance.
    – Weeblr
    Feb 18, 2022 at 12:25

Apparently, this is now the expected behavior in J4. You need to create a menu item, but it doesn't have to be a menu item for a specific article. Creating a single "List All Categories" menu item is enough.

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