I'd like to know how secure is the Note field in a Joomla Article? I'd like to put a Note in there just for the Joomla Administrator to see. Is there any likelyhood this could become visible elsewhere such as on the front end?

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The front-end Article Edit form in the Joomla core /components/com_content/tmpl/form/edit.php renders the note field using <?php echo $this->form->renderField('note'); ?> (Joomla 3 in line 109, Joomla 4 line 110). A user that has access to the edit forms, will be able to see the content of that field.

Furthermore the API in Joomla 4 /api/components/com_content/src/View/Articles/JsonapiView.php retrieves that note field too. So if you re-use articles from your Joomla site via the API on other web applications/sites, the note field will be available and can be displayed on the other site/application.

In case you use non-core extensions: those might have the possibility of retrieving and displaying all kind of fields from your Joomla database and/or an article object.

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