In Joomla 3, I get module params with this code:

// Create the Application
$app = JFactory::getApplication('site');

$module = JModuleHelper::getModule('mod_dev');
$presetParams = new JRegistry($module->params);

$fontSize = $presetParams['fontSize'];

In Joomla 4, I start with this code:

// Boot the DI container.
$container = \Joomla\CMS\Factory::getContainer();

// Alias the session service key to the web session service.
$container->alias(\Joomla\Session\SessionInterface::class, 'session.web.site');

// Get the application.
$app = $container->get(\Joomla\CMS\Application\SiteApplication::class);


$module = JModuleHelper::getModule('mod_dev');

stopped working.

How can I access module params from external php file using the Joomla framework?

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Could you explain what you mean by external php file? It may be something you can do with the new console package - tricky to set up but very good for cron jobs. Also, how do you distinguish between multiple module instances?


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