While working with the new Joomla 4 web services API. The Article text does not update. Additionally, as per the documentation, when creating an article via API the article text variable is articletext, but the response provided shows the variable is now text and it is in data>attributes.

When attempting to edit/patch an article the Article Text update never takes. There is no error provided and a 200 response is given. But after examination, the article's text is not altered.

Example video provided here.

Why is this?


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Patch is successful with caveats

instead of using text or articletext the correct variables are introtext and fulltext.

To note in one test both introtext & fulltext did not work together but worked successfully when patching them separately. i concluded that only happened when updating text that was entered into site editor manually and not designated intro or full text.

Subsequently, introtext and fulltext work successfully in all other cases.

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    When I asked for validation of this answer in RingCentral/Glip's Joomla! Community Public Channel, @ChristianeMaier-Stadtherr said: articletext is the name of the input field for articles in a screen. At save, the model splits this articletext in two parts: introtext (the part before readmore) and fulltext (the part after readmore). In the frontend, these two parts are concatenated. So [this] answer is correct. But it is not related to J4 Then @Nicola Galgano said: See #35086 on GitHub Commented Nov 20, 2021 at 10:18

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