I set up three users. To make things easier, let's take the following names: X, Y, Z. Additionally, there are subgroups in the Registered group, let's call them X_group, Y_group and Z_group. User X has the rights of the Registered group and X_group.

I would like to grant permissions for an article, for example: number 1 for user X and auto exclude for Y and Z.

Also, in the next article, I would like to make an article possible for two groups to access. I searched on the internet but couldn't find an answer to my question.

Access in Article

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Please note the difference between "user groups" and "access levels".

Access Levels determine which users have access to certain views and features. Said levels are assigned to usergroups. Creating a child user group will inherit the access levels of the parent.

The dropdown you see on the Articles page is a list of access levels, not usergroups, so this is what you'll need to create.

enter image description here

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