I started a component com_xxx_yyy in Joomla 4 from scratch to learn the new API the hard way.

Parts of the structure

- Controller
--- DisplayController.php
--- YyyController.php
- View
--- Yyy
------ HtmlView.php
--- Yyys
------ HtmlView.php

In Yyys/HtmlView.php I add a toolbar button $toolbar->addNew('yyy.new') then Joomla 4 uses the YyyController.php but uses the component name option=com_yyy

If I change the button to $toolbar->addNew('xxx_yyy.new') then it uses the right component name option=com_xxx_yyy but wants the Controller be called Xxx_YyyController.php

The most examples I found where the trivial default way. I looked into Joomla! Docu and the boilerplate on github.

In Joomla! 3 you could to such naming mappings in the xxx_xxx.php or the controller.php, but both not existing in Joomla! 4.

I looked into com_content and there it is exactly how I want. view articles adds a button article.new and then it loads option=com_content;view=article

But I don't see the missing point on my side.

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Ok I found the reason myself.

Joomla 4 uses the namespace to detect the components name and creates the option=com_xxx_yyy from it.

So a namespace like

Vendor/Component/XXX_YYY results in option=com_xxx_yyy

Vendor/Component/XZYZZZ results in option=com_xzyzzz

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