Which settings and plugins are exactly needed to configure Joomla 4.0.3 with LDAP support?

The AD server is a Windows Server 2016 Standard.

I have activated the Joomla Plugin Authentication - LDAP with the following settings but without success.

Setting Value
Host 10.177.xx.xx
Port 389
Negotiate TLS NO
Ignore Certificate NO
Follow Referrals NO
Authorisation Method Bind and Search
Base DN DC=xxx-xx,DC=DE
Search String sAMAccountName=[search]
User's DN n/a
Connect Username service.ldap or
service.ldap@xxx-xx.de or
xx-xx\service.ldap or
CN=Service, LDAP,OU=Serviceaccounts,OU=EDV,DC=xxx-xx,DC=DE
Connect Password ***********
Map: Full Name displayName
Map: Email mail
Map: User ID sAMAccountName
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