When I create an overide in Joomla using the create override button it creates an override like this:


but then Joomla complains that it wants the _item at the end like this


Either way is fine by me but Joomla is creating them in a certain way which confuses me.

Or is there some other way I should understand this?


Assuming you override the blog view, the entry point to that view is the blog.php file. But inside that file, a call to a blog_item.php exists $this->loadTemplate('item');. That is why the override look for _item.php.

  • But then the way Joomla creates the overrides is incorrect right?
    – Eoin
    Oct 1 at 13:02
  • Why you think is incorrect? if you use the same Blog layout, Joomla first will look for a blog.php file in your HTML folder before use the default location inside the component Oct 1 at 15:05
  • I think it's incorrect because if you press the "create overrides" button it creates like blog_item-29-09-2021
    – Eoin
    Oct 1 at 21:32

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