I am creating an Alternate Layout of /components/com_fields/layouts/field/render.php to change the layout of some given Custom Fields. And there I need the ID of the article in order to give a unique #id to the container.

There I wanted/needed to fetch the Article ID, but the Layout does not seem to have any information about the context.

I had first thought that the following could work:

$id   = $app->input->getCmd('id', '');

It indeed gives the article id... but only if you are on an Article View. If you are on a Blog View, it gives the ID of the category.

So would there be some direct or indirect way (by overriding another file for example) to get that Article ID in a Blog view?


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Article data is not available in that layout. What you can do is create an override of components/com_fields/layouts/fields/render.php and modify it to pass the article to field/render.php layout. You'd have to change this line:

$content = FieldsHelper::render($context, 'field.' . $layout, array('field' => $field));

To this:

$content = FieldsHelper::render($context, 'field.' . $layout, array('item' => $item, 'field' => $field));

And then in the field/render.php layout access the article ID like this:

$id = $displayData['item']->id;
  • Thank you soooooooo much @Sharky for this answer! It works perfectly and avoids making an override/alternate layout for the blog view itself. This is a much more universal solution indeed. Commented Sep 26, 2021 at 15:05

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