I upgraded a few of my sites from 3.9.28 to 3.10.1 today. I can't see any pre-upgrade check as described here https://docs.joomla.org/Pre-Update_Check

I've cleared the site cache, refreshed the page multiple times and clicked check for updates. No errors in the browser console.

When I go to components > Joomla update I can see the following message on the live update tab;

You already have the latest Joomla version, 3.10.1.

The upload & update tab displays a blue info message;

You can use this feature to update Joomla if your server is behind a firewall or otherwise unable to contact the update servers. First download the Joomla Upgrade Package in ZIP format from the official Joomla download page. Then use the fields below to upload and install it.

Am I missing something? Do I need to change the update settings? Couldn't see any information in the docs about this.

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When you are in the Joomla Update page select Options up in the top right corner.

enter image description here

From there change the channel to Joomla Next, you are probably still on Default which is Joomla 3.x enter image description here

You may also have to go into Extensions->Manage->Update and Clear Cache and Find Updates after switching between the Default and Joomla Next channels. enter image description here


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