I developed several extensions on Joomla 3 and I want to migrate my extensions (components, modules, plugins) to Joomla 4. I searched on the net and I didn't find any information about upgrading J3 component to J4.

I want to know if I have to adapt my extensions and if I do, what are the fix I need to apply


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I've been adapting my custom J3 modules into J4 locally in a WAMP environment followed by installing them on a live test site. So far the only change I've had to make is adding the <namespace> to the module .xml files. These are simple extensions which display frontend content. Your mileage may vary depending on how complicated your modules are.

Here are a couple overviews I found while I was prepping my modules



For J4 Modules you may want to look at these resources



I also downloaded J4-compatible modules from the JED and looked through their files to see how they were written

I haven't tried building a component yet but I found these resources



https://blog.astrid-guenther.de/en/der-weg-zu-joomla4-erweiterungen/ https://github.com/ceford/j4xdemos-com-mywalks

Again, downloading and examining some J4-compatible components might provide useful guidance and insight.

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