In my component i have an error showed in top of the page coming from a query which has failed :

Syntax error near to '' at line 3

Is-there a way to track the place and the query which fails in this case ?

  • Do you have error reporting turned all the way up? Anything in the error logs? joomlashack.com/blog/joomla/… joomlashack.com/blog/joomla/warnings
    – mickmackusa
    Aug 7 at 22:35
  • yes, debug mode is enabled in Joomla! configuration panel, i have nothing in the logs Aug 8 at 9:12
  • With debug mode set on and the logs set to almost everything, you should get something in the logs. However, without a little more explanation of what you were trying to do at the time of the error, such as Admin/Site side, multiple list of item view etc, not much more to add. Although a quick thought, do you have a second end quote anywhere in your queries? (models or helper) Aug 9 at 1:40
  • I finally found the place where it happens, now the issue is fixed Aug 19 at 13:02

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