I have a page at www.website.com/page51 with 0 layers of slash items in the URL (only the website and the page alias) and I want to make it have two layers of slash items, as in www.website.com/layer1/layer2/page51 where /layer1/ is layer 1 and /layer2/ is layer 2 and page51 is the page alias but also looks like layer 3.

Solution that almost worked but failed:

  1. Make a menu invisible and create a menu header called layer1. Add a menu item to invisible called page51 that links to the page51 page and make it's parent layer1. (Up to this part worked, I can now go to www.website.com/layer1/page51 to see page51)

  2. Make a menu header in invisible called layer2, and make it's parent layer1, set the parent item of the page51 menu item to layer2 so that invisible is a menu which contains the menu header layer1 with a child menu header called layer2 which has a child menu item called page51 but when I go to www.website.com/layer1/layer2/page51 I get an error when that path should show the page51 page.

Apparently, the method above works for child items but does not work for grand child items. How do I achieve this logical structure of my website pages?

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