Now I have situations to validate Module params in admin side of a module.

I know there is option with Filter in module params but its limited , I can't validate some patterns or custom conditions.

Is there any option available in Joomla to validate Module params on admin side ?

Thanks in Advance.


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You can create a custom rule for validation. For example your module name is mod_mymodule:

  • Add addrulepath attribute to the fieldset in the .xml file:


This will be the path to the custom rule folder.

  • Add validate attribute to the field with the name of the rule file:


This will give us the file testint.php.

  • Create the rule file testint.php and put it to the path specified in the addrulepath attribute. So the full path will be:


Here is a simple validation rule class:

class JFormRuleTestint extends JFormRule
    public function test(&$element, $value, $group = null, &$input = null, &$form = null)
        return ((int)$value > 0 && (int)$value < 2);

it should extend JFormRule class and you will need only one method, called test. $value will contain the input from the field. Here we are testing it to be integer between 0 and 2.

  • To get this to work, I had to change it to addrulepath="administrator/modules/mod_mymodule", I had to add the line use Joomla\Registry\Registry; to the top of the PHP file, and I had to throw an error instead of returning false.
    – Flimm
    Jul 24, 2015 at 16:04

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