I've added the following into my components XML file :

    <field name="activity_name" type="subform" label="Activity" description="" multiple="true" min="1" max="10">
            <field name="activity" type="text" label="Activity Name" filter="safehtml"/>

I've then added a new column in the relevant database table.

The new field is showing in the backend of the site when editing but it's not saving to the database.


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Your sub form itself looks ok.

  • Where do you want to save the data? In a separate table?
  • Did you retrieve the form data with
        $form  = $input->post->get('jform', null, 'array');
  • How does your existing component know which form field(s) to retrieve and save?

Content Plugin

I would recommend not changing the component. Instead you could programme a Content Plugin. Within onContentAfterSave you retrieve the form input, and save it in the database.

To display the saved data in the form, you could use onContentPrepareForm to retrieve + display the data in the form.

If you save your data in a separate database table, then you should clean up that data when you delete the original record. For that you could add a onContentAfterDelete method to remove the records in your own database table.

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