I am currently using joomla 3. I have a scenario where by content has to go through approval before it is published

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    Welcome at Joomla Stack Exchange! Could you please elaborate on your question? Please describe how your approval process would look like. If you are looking for support regarding a coding attempt that you have made, please include that in your post. If you are looking for an extension, have you looked in the Joomla Extension Directory? – pe7er May 25 at 21:01
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    Perhaps this is what you are Looping for: stackoverflow.com/a/53105002/4260616 – astridx May 25 at 22:30
  • @mike your question has been flagged for plagarism since it is a copy-paste duplicate of the first sentence in the question linked by astridx. Are you also "maurice"? If so, that's okay, I would like you to merge your Stack Exchange accounts. It is ALWAYS important to cite anything that is not yours when posting in Stack Exchange. It is okay to re-ask something if another page doesn't quite resolve your problem. If you are not maurice, I would expect that your actual coding attempt will be unique -- that should be edited into your question. – mickmackusa May 26 at 8:44

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