A javascript component on my site has stopped working. While debugging I found out it conflicted with Mootools. Only then I realize Mootools is loaded on my page. I remember reading an article saying that in recent Joomla versions, Mootools is no longer loaded, why then it is loaded on my page? Also I was able to find an archive of the page in question http://web-old.archive.org/web/20210227182023/https://cchc-herald.org/about-us and on this page Mootools is not loaded and the javascript component works fine.

I've made a very simple testing page ( a "single article" page) https://cchc-herald.org/debug and you can see that even on this page Mootools is loaded. I can't remember doing anything that could cause Mootools to be loaded. Could anyone please help me find out?

I need to find out why it is loaded, please don't simply tell me to get an extension to disable it.

By the way, I keep Joomla updated on a weekly basis. So my site always has the latest Joomla version.

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In Joomla it's possible to load JavaScript libraries via different ways, via:

  • your template
  • a component
  • a (system) plugin
  • a module

When it's loaded on every page, it's usually loaded via your template or a plugin.

Could you test your site with the default Protostar template? If it's still loaded, then it's probably a system plugin.

If it isn't loaded with Protostar, then it's probably your current template (or a template override in your current template).

See also:

  • Thanks I have found the plugin that loads Mootools
    – shenkwen
    Commented May 14, 2021 at 16:23

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