I have problem with sharing URL to Facebook is missing image with Easyblog. I have upload cover image and there are pictures in article also.

I check with Sharing Debugger and I can see the image.

og:image https://seekkhmer.com/images/easyblog_articles/1/b2ap3_large_0001.jpg

but I do not know which preview image doesn’t show.

Here is my website link https://seekkhmer.com/index.php/news-easyblog/easyblog-installed-successfully.html

thank u

  • I test another plugin to integrate with Joomla's articles and share it to facebook. I can see the the image thumbnail on facebook. It seem my easyblog conflict with another software.
    – Saovry Sok
    May 10, 2021 at 4:37

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I share Joomla article URL to Facebook and the image preview is working. I think it is not from server or image size. Maybe Easyblog conflict with another software. thank u

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