Mimicking an old sports site that worked using cobalt with custom fields, I've managed to create a nice "match" article, but now I have two issues I don't know yet how to solve.

How could I create an "agenda" view, for those matches, I think in an article showing the date and matches of each article, but don't know how.

Articles, have seven fields:

{local team logo}
{visitor team}
{visitor team logo}
{local points}
{visitor points}

I show these in the article as:

{local logo} {local} {local points} VS {visitor points} {visitor} {visitor logo}

And a tooltip with details of the venue.

I would like to show a list of upcoming matches showing like this:

{local points}-{visitor points} {date} {local} VS {visitor} {place} - linking to each match article

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