I just tried to login and I got this error message that I've never seen before.

0 Call to a member function purgePrivate() on null

I'm not sure what would have caused it.

It's PHP 7.3.

Interestingly I was on PHP7.4 but the redirect system didn't work so only my homepage showed.

  • Can you offer more context regarding this method which does not have its expected object? Any additional/relevant debugging details will be beneficial. – mickmackusa Mar 28 at 23:51
  • What sort of information would be useful Mick? It's started happening commonly on one of my sites. Already you have helped me, I could do a search for purgePrivate and see where it is in my code. I'll try that then if it's a component I can report it. – Eoin Mar 30 at 7:20
  • Found it thanks to your hint. Much appreciated @mickmackusa – Eoin Mar 31 at 20:42

This is from Litespeed Cache. Weirdly it's from a Virtumart part of it but I am running J2Store.

I went into cPanel and I went to Terminal and I did a search by copying and pasting this (right click to paste)

grep -Ri purgeprivate public_html

and it found:


Problem found. Solution awaiting. Raised on GitHub here:


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