I have a module that creates thumbnails from the main image and over time the hosting fills with images, for that reason I want to add a maintenance button that deletes the previous images. It is from the administrator, not from the front-end. I have implemented ajax, but for some reason it doesn't work for me and it sends me the following message in broswer console:

Object { success: false, message: "The file at mod_my_module/helper.php does not exist.", messages: null, data: null }

I need your help, I leave the code used in module.


use Joomla\String\StringHelper;

$com_path = JPATH_SITE . '/components/com_content/';

JLoader::register('ContentHelperRoute', $com_path . 'helpers/route.php');
JModelLegacy::addIncludePath($com_path . 'models', 'ContentModel');

abstract class ModMyModuleHelper
    public  function deleteImagesAjax() {
        $minified_path = JPATH_ROOT . '/cache/mod_my_module_images';
        if(JFolder::exists($minified_path)) {

cleanimages.php This file is a custom field type for create button to delete images from module settings


class JFormFieldCleanimages extends JFormField {

    protected $type = 'Cleanimages';

    protected function getInput() {

        $doc = JFactory::getDocument();
        $doc->addScriptDeclaration('jQuery(function($) {
            $("#btn-reset-css").on("click", function(event) {
                var $this = $(this);
                    url: "index.php?option=com_ajax&module=my_module&method=deleteImages&format=json",
                    type   : "POST",
                    success: function (data) {

        return '<button id="btn-reset-css" class="btn btn-info" data-text="'. JText::_('Cleaned Images') .'" data-loading="'. JText::_('Cleaning Images') .'">'. JText::_('Clean Images') .'</button>';

UPDATE Doing my own research and reviewing the component I have discovered that com_ajax looks for the helper.php file using JPATH_BASE so when executing the button in the administrator it would be looking for helper.php inside the /administrator/modules/mod_my_module/helper.php folder , If JPATH_BASE were changed to JPATH_ROOT, this would work in both admin and front-end but it is core and we cannot change it. Given this, is there any way to do it without having to create a module for the administrator?

UPDATE 2 I have solved the problem by calling the full url from the front-end, the code below in the answers.

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Your AJAX URL is relative and ends up pointing to administrator/index.php. You can change that by prepending root path. First, load the required dependencies:


Then change the URL:

url: Joomla.getOptions("system.paths").root + "/index.php?option=com_ajax&module=my_module&method=deleteImages&format=json",
  • Thank you, I will mark your answer as the correct one, but I will also leave the solution that I found to this problem.
    – Leoalv
    Mar 28, 2021 at 19:58

Thanks to those who cooperated on this issue.

I had solved this by calling the public url (full url) of the module from the administrator, without letting JPATH_BASE fill in the location. For which modify the url to call by:

url: "'.Uri::root().'index.php?option=com_ajax&module=my_module&method=deleteImages&format=json",

You must add this above use Joomla\CMS\Uri\Uri;

Maybe it will be helpful to someone else


Am I understanding correctly that your module is on the front end, but you want to call a helper function from the back end?

If yes, I wonder if JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR might do the trick for you?


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