I work on an own component and added several views, here're some exemplary names:

  • TypeItems
  • TypeItem
  • TypeBundles
  • TypeBundle There're two different types with Items and Bundles.

I've setup the menues, so that the following URLs are calling the following views:

The problem is: When I now click on a bundle, the url is the following: www.url.de/typeItems/bundles/typebundle/alias-of-the-bundle

But I would like to change the url to www.url.de/typeItems/bundle/alias-of-the-bundle

So basically, I try to "render" all TypeBundles through a hidden and empty menuitem called "bundle" (for www.url.de/typeItems/bundle)

But I dont know how I have to change the route so this works.

Thanks for the help

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