I'm developing a custom form field for my template and I need to know the name of this template from inside this form field. While otherwise I would do a setQuery to look for client_id=0 and home="1", this case is different because you can edit template styles even if they're not set as default.

My guess is that I need to read the current URL, get the item id and do a setQuery on this one. For that I would probably have to do some Uri method I'm still looking for.

Any idea if there's a better way please?

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You can get it from template field in the form.

if ($this->form)
    $template = $this->form->getValue('template');
  • Sweet! Even more handy and probably more appropriate. Thank you!
    – thednp
    Feb 15, 2021 at 7:44

Yea, like I've explained above this worked for me:

$id = Uri::getInstance()->getVar('id');
$query = Factory::getDbo()->setQuery("SELECT `template`, `params` FROM `#__template_styles` where `id` = '" . $id . "'");
$templateObject = $query->loadObject();

// usage
// get template name
$template = $templateObject->template;

// get template params
$templateParams = $templateObject->params;

But yet again, if you guys have a better idea, make sure to let it out. Cheers!

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