I'm working on namespaced templates feature and I came to the point where I need to check if an extension is namespaced or not.

One possibility would be to load the templateDetails.xml file and check manually. I only wonder if there is anything in the Joomla namespace libraries that saves the day.

I also appreciate any suggestion/reply.

Thank you

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The only thing I could think of is just to check the XML file:

$templatesPath = ((int) $this->template->client_id === 1 ? JPATH_ADMINISTRATOR : JPATH_SITE) . '/templates/';
$templateDetails = $templatesPath . $this->template->name . '/templateDetails.xml';
$templateXML = simplexml_load_file($templateDetails);

if ($templateXML->namespace === null || (string) $templateXML->namespace === '') {
  // do something with non-namespaced template

Till other solution comes up, this is the only thing I got it working.


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