I would like, ideally in the php file of a menu override, to add role="menu-item" i.e. direct links to another location, in a Joomla 3x (and 4x) menu.

Is this possible, or do I need to use JavaScript? (No jQuery, please).

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After much experimentation I'm pretty sure it's not possible to achieve this without Javascript, but I did manage it this way:

I added this code to the menu's main php file (about line 53 in the default.php override):

    if ($item!=parent)
        $class .= ' single';

Then in the template.js added this:

    let single = [...document.querySelectorAll('li > a')];
    [].forEach.call(single, function(sg) {
    sg.setAttribute("role", "menuitem");
    let singleb = [...document.querySelectorAll('li.single > button > a')];
    [].forEach.call(singleb, function(sgb) {
    sgb.setAttribute("role", "menuitem");

I'm using buttons in my navigation but if you're not you can leave out the second half of this code.

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