Using cPanel on Host Gator, I am trying to upload a .zip Extension. However, anytime I try to upload this I get the errors:

JFolder::create: Could not create folder.Path: /home/packages
Warning: Failed to move file: /tmp/phpLHCUF0 to /home/packages/qi/SOURCES/tmp/com_rsform-v2.3.20.zip

I have verified that the folder public_html/packages on my server with 755 perms. What am I missing here that is not uplaoding this file and installing?

  • Have you tried contacting your hosting provider to see if they can give any more information? Are you sure the directory has the correct ownership and group? – Lodder Jan 21 at 7:20
  • @Lodder - I'll reach out to the provider and see if they can give any further insight. Directory does have proper ownership and group assignment – HotTomales Jan 21 at 15:19
  • Please clarify in your question that you try to upload a package using Joomla admin install or you try to upload a package using cPanel file manager. This is not clear in your question... or you use cPanel for what? And if you use cPanel how does Joomla JFolder class/method come in the picture? – Zollie Jan 23 at 20:10
  • Also, please give info about why that packages folder should be in the root for Joomla, since for standardly installing an extension in Joomla you do not need that folder. – Zollie Jan 24 at 9:06

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