I have created 1000 joomla articles via console import (It was a migration from other source). Everything is working fine (Tagging, Intro-Text, Custom fields and so on) but i have a problem with system pagebreaks.

The system pagebreak and the introtext is working in the same way: inserting special <hr> elements in the texts, like:

<!-- introtext -->
<hr id="system-readmore" />
<!-- system pagebreak -->
<hr title="2" alt="2" class="system-pagebreak" />

The "system-readmore" is working great but the "system-pagebreak" is not working correctly. The "system-pagebreak" are outputted in frontend as real <hr> elements. If i go to backend, open the article and just save it - after that it works. So after console import of the article the <hr> are inserted correctly but i have to manually save the article in backend to get them to work.

There must be a identifier or something i am missing. I thought it is just like the "system-readmore" but it isn't.

Does someone know what i am missing, i checked the debugger of joomla but cant find a hint.

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Solution was quiet simple. It was a self-closing HTML element issue:

If you face the same problem, check that your programmatically inserted <hr> system pagebreaks have a closing slash:

<-- CORRECT -->
<hr title="2" alt="2" class="system-pagebreak" />

<hr title="2" alt="2" class="system-pagebreak">

In HTML5 generally this is no issue but the joomla core pagebreak plugin uses the following regex to determine if it is a system pagebreak or not:

// plugins/content/pagebreak/pagebreak.php:67

$regex = '#<hr(.*)class="system-pagebreak"(.*)\/>#iU';
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    – Zollie
    Dec 11, 2020 at 13:33
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